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Product by HornetSecurity Group

Spamina provides cloud security services for the digital communications that companies rely on to run their businesses. Its security as a Service architecture offers fast deployment, easy provisioning and powerful management consoles for end users, IT administrators and resellers. Spamina solutions have been designed in order to ensure that the corporate email meets the criteria of availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Parla - Secure Cloud Email

Parla is an enterprise email platform in the cloud with integrated security layers. Spamina is a European-based security company and as such is subject to the most demanding EU regulations in terms of data protection and is committed to ensuring the highest security standards for digital safeguard.

Parla offers up to 30Gb of mailbox and corporate instant messaging with security layers integrated, to protect users from spam, malware and advanced threats. Parla is the best email option for companies looking for a solution that is secure, scalable, flexible, easy to use, and available from any device.

Parla includes all the collaboration tools: calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, file manager, corporative chat service, and mobile device management feature to control and manage email access through mobile devices.

Available plans:

  • Parla (Monthly)
  • Parla (Annual)
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