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Product by HornetSecurity Group

Spamina provides cloud security services for the digital communications that companies rely on to run their businesses. Its security as a Service architecture offers fast deployment, easy provisioning and powerful management consoles for end users, IT administrators and resellers. Spamina solutions have been designed in order to ensure that the corporate email meets the criteria of availability, integrity and confidentiality.

The following products will be available and can only be purchased with Parla - Secure Cloud Email and Cloud Email Firewall.

Cloud Email Archiving

Cloud Email Archiving allows companies to archive and recover emails up to 10 years on real time, to comply with legal regulations and internal and external audits.

Spamina provides an intuitive and friendly interface access to corporate email archiving, through the new App, available for iOS and Android devices, or directly from the Outlook interface via the plug-in developed for the 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions. Users of Cloud Email Archiving can now search and recover emails & instant chat conversations by different criteria, such us date, email content, sender or recipient.

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP is a policy-based managed encryption solution. This engine not only encrypts messages based on pre-defined corporate policies, it re-directs and prevents confidential information from being distributed over the Internet to the wrong people.

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP allows user send encrypted emails from any device. Spamina’s add-in for Outlook, is available for 2007 to 2016 Outlook versions. Users of Cloud Email Encryption can now send and received encrypted emails from anywhere.

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