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Nomadesk is a business file sharing & synchronization software that allows your professional customers to edit, share, synchronize and secure files from anywhere – online and offline, with no fixed limits to the amount of storage you put on your Vaults.

Enjoy unlimited storage!

Nomadesk creates encrypted, virtual hard drives on your computer – "Vaults". Place your files in a Vault and they are automatically:

  • Encrypted and Cached on the Vault - files are offline available; traceable with remote wipe (i.e., Theftguard)
  • Synchronized to your other devices using a delta-block sync protocol
  • Shared – invite others to your Vaults for collaborating on files; use the Nomadesk widget to automatically publish content on your website; share file links via the Outlook plugin
  • Backed-up in a Secure Data Center – retention of multiple versions; cloud based trashcan, data centers in North Carolina, Frankfurt
  • Mobilized – your files are made accessible via any smartphone, tablet; encrypted cache with remote wipe
  • Online Editable – through our Office 365 integration, you can effortlessly view, edit and collaborate simultaneously on Office files from any device.

Nomadesk & Office 365: The perfect bundle for your business

Nomadesk is a perfect add-on for your business file sharing needs within Office 365. Register for a FREE webinar to find out how Nomadesk integrates with Office 365 suite, and learn about its high-touch security and productivity features.

3-Step Process to use Nomadesk with Office 365 online:

  1. Make sure you have an Office 365 + Nomadesk subscription
  2. Go to
  3. Right click on an Office file and select “Edit with Office Online”.
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